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How to take maca

Article reprinted from our newsletter (2005 issue)


Dear [FIRSTNAME],  this is the special issue of our newsletter issue on How To Take Maca, and is forwarded to all our new subscribers.

Back in 2005 , we started a survey in which we included the question: how many Maca capsules/tablets/grams are you taking, and how often?

We received a wide variety of answers and concluded that some of the people whom might not be getting the best results are taking too few of the capsules/tablets or powder per day. So, we decided to dedicate a special issue of our newsletter for those who want to take Maca the right way.

After that, we received requests from several Maca users who wanted to receive a copy of that specific newsletter again, and we decided to include that same article in this current issue. Read and enjoy!!!

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How To Take Maca

Regular Dosages

Because Maca is a natural Food, there are many discrepancies and misunderstandings when it comes to Maca daily dosages.

The average recommended dosage is between 3000 mg to 4500 mg; daily. In capsules/tablets of 500mg this is equivalent to 6-9 capsules/tablets daily. For powder, this would be equivalent to 2-3 teaspoons (each flat served teaspoon of about 1.5 grams) daily, if you take a completely full teaspoon, you could be taking up to 5 grams per dosage.

However, these recommended dosages can vary upon many circumstances which we explain below.

How to start

Because Maca is such a new food for most people's bodies, we recommend that you start with a very small dosage. One or two capsules/tablets (or one teaspoon) a day for the first two or three days, is a great way to start for first time users. This will allow your body to get used to the new supplement. After the third or fourth day, you may go ahead and increase the dosage slowly, until you reach your desired amount. This is, if you decide you need the 9 capsules daily dosage, then you will be taking 4 capsules on the third day, 5 capsules on the 4 th , 6 on the 5 th , and so on, until you reach the 9 capsules daily, you will stay on this dosage as long as you need, and may decrease the amount once you have reached your goals.

Does this mean that 9 capsules/tablets is the largest dosage you can take? No, but this is the recommended (effective enough) and most commonly used quantity; however, we know of people who take as many as 20 tablets per day. Also, the Peruvian Health Ministry explains in a health book that Maca should be treated as a food, and therefore should be eaten as food; meaning that dosages should be the same as a potato and should be ingested sporadically to avoid your body getting used to its great properties and increase the health benefits.

What do I take Maca with?

It is recommended that you take Maca with a meal. Especially when it is new to your body. The powder can be taken with juices, yogurt, and morning shakes; can be added to your cereal breakfast, or can be spread on food.

What do I base my daily dosage on?

It varies. For instance, men usually take a bigger dosage then women. As most supplements, the bigger you are the most you'll probably need to feel the effects. While average men take 9 capsules, women usually only take 6.

On the other hand, your symptoms may also need to be taken in consideration.

For instance, women with severe hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms decide the 9 capsule (3 teaspoon) option is the best for them, and may decrease the amount after a couple of months (usually 4-12 months) when their bodies have reached their desired hormonal balance. At this point most women take an average of 6 capsules (or even less) every other day, as a way of maintenance for their bodies.

Why does Maca dosage vary so much? Should I take the same dosage for ever?

Maca is a food. A great natural food, which helps our bodies balance its hormones resulting in great benefits for us. But also because Maca is a food, its dosaging can vary greatly.

Imagine any food, a food that is very healthy and brings great benefits to your body, such as any vegetable or fruit. As most fruits should, you decide it's important to make it part of your diet. This does not necessarily mean you will take a specific amount of this fruit every single day for a specific amount of time. Perhaps, you will start taking more of this fruit for a period of time, as you feel your body needs its nutrients and you were not getting enough of them for a while.

The amount of fruit you take may also not be the same your brother needs to take, he may need less of the nutrients the fruit has to offer, or a smaller amount may be needed for him to feel the fruits side effects. Furthermore, because you know it is healthy, and your body needs it, you will still want this fruit in your diet in the later months and maybe forever, but you won't necessarily need to have it every single day, perhaps only two or three times a week will make it.

This is how it works for Maca as well. The recommended dosage is based on the fact that most people need their nutrients to feel the effects of hormonal balancing, which may give them relief, or boost their energy and sexual libido.

After we have reached our goals (reached the desired effects, or the desired hormonal balance) Maca is still important in our diets, but it is not required to follow the daily dosaging forever. As explained before, you may take Maca as a way of maintenance, making sure you have the nutrients Maca supplies your body with. It is important you know that less then 1500 m g. will probably not make a difference if you want to feel the effects, but more than 5000 m g. should not be necessary, unless of course you feel you need it or want to take more.

Recommended Maca Dosages

Bellow is the list of the recommended dosaging for each of our Peruvian-Maca.com Maca presentations:

Peruvian- Maca.com Maca Capsules 500mg

Take 6 to 9 capsules daily with meals. You can take 3 capsules with each meal, or 5 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, or however you find it more convenient.

Peruvian-Maca.com Maca Tablets 500mg

Take 6 to 9 tablets daily with meals. You can take 3 tablets with each meal, or 5 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, or however you find it more convenient.

Peruvian-Maca.com Maca Gelatinized Capsules 650mg

Take 6 capsules daily with food. You can take 3 tablets with two meals, or 4 in the morning with breakfast and two with lunch, or however you find it more convenient.

Peruvian-Maca.com Maca Powder 500g

Take 2 to 3 teaspoons daily with meals or shakes. You can take 1 spoon with each meal, or 2 in the morning and 1 and the afternoon, or however you find it more convenient.

Peruvian-Maca.com Maca Powder Gelatinized 500 mg

Take 2 to 3 teaspoons daily with meals or shake. You can take 1 with each meal, or 2 with breakfast and 1 with lunch, or however you find it more convenient

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